August 2012
Keywords: Raspberry Pi, sardines tin, metalworking, recycling

A £0 case for the £30 mini computer.

The Woolly Reader

November 2010
Keywords: Sony Reader PRS-600, cardigan, sewing, recycling

A custom homemade felt case for my Sony Reader.

The Athens Awards 2010

November 2010
Keywords: origami design, lettering, calligraphy

Folded paper models of Mediterranean vegetables mounted on stands.

3D Floorplan

October 2010
Keywords: pop-up design, papercraft

A 3-dimensional floorplan of my house, made from one cut and folded sheet of paper.

Cardboard Broomstick

March 2009
Keywords: props, cardboard models

A prop made for the Wicked Witch of the West during the 2009 24 Hour Charity Musical.